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Winter Party Outfits 2021

By Payal Upase • 01 July 2021
Style & Fashion
  • Style & Fashion

It’s December, which means your social calendar would be buzzing with a long list of parties to attend.


But have you got your outfit sorted? Uh, oh! Are you considering wearing your summer clothes? Babe, don’t even! Trust us, you will become the damsel in distress. The best thing you can do is befriend the art of layering. It is the most useful fashion styling hack that requires simple wardrobe pieces. But if not done right, you might end up looking like Joey from ‘Friends’. But there’s nothing to worry about.  You go ahead and send your RSVP to your winter parties, while we set the perfect outfit for you! 


Turtle Necks and Singlets:


Turtle Necks and Singlets


Turtle necks are the best pieces to invest in for winters. They look classy, chic and most importantly keep you warm. They hug your body at the right places and give you a defined shape. For a perfect party look, you should opt for dark colours like black, maroon, olive green. As winter is all about layering, why not do it in style! Pair your turtle neck with a contrasting singlet and well-fitted jeans. You can even wear a skirt with this combo, but remember to layer it over tights.  And that’s how in minutes you are ready to rock the party! 


Dresses and Tights:


If you are one of those who just can’t get by without wearing their favourite LBD’s, then tights are your saviour! Pick any dress of your choice, we recommend going for a blingy-bling, and wear tights at the bottom. This will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. To add more bling to your outfit and additionally to your personality, you can go for tights with hints of glitter on it. It will make you look and feel sexy. And who knows you might find someone at the party. So, put your A-game forward! 


Bodysuit and Bralettes:


Bralettes are the perfect party starters but wearing it solo in winters is definitely not an ideal outfit. So, how about pairing it with a bodysuit! This style is super classy and fun. It adds the right amount of sexy vibe to your look without sacrificing on the warmth. You can pair this look with layers of gold chains and wear a big dial watch. Viola! You are ready to woo some hearts! 

Shirts and Sweaters 

Shirts are always counted to be a part of the formal club and sweaters of the oldie club. But if you layer them correctly, you can look gorgeous. The trick to layering this combo is by letting your shirt peep through the sweater. To further make it stylish, you can tuck one side of the shirt in your pants and let the other hang around. Pair this look with black boots and chunky accessories. In minutes, you will groove into the party spirit. 

Satin Dresses and Tshirt 

Who doesn’t love satin dresses? They look extremely beautiful and add the oomph factor in just minutes. But wearing satin dresses in winter can be really tricky. Firstly the material is so thin, you will freeze to death. You can most definitely layer it with a leather or denim jacket. But it is a redundant style. Try something new! Pair your satin dress with a plain tee. To further make it stylish, add the knot to your tee-shirt. Wear your favourite boots, deck up your arm candy and there you have it! A perfect winter party look that keeps your warm and stylish!

T-shirt x2

Another classic way to keep yourself warm and not losing your style quotient is by layering your t-shirts. Pick two t-shirts, one full sleeve and another half or sleeveless. Wear the full sleeve first and then layer the other one over it. Remember to use different colours. You can also play around with different patterns and textures. Another way to use this layering hack is by adding sheer or a lace top underneath and layer it with a cotton t-shirt.


Aren’t these layering hacks easy and stylish? With few pieces at hand, you can easily create your own style for this winter season. So try these combinations

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