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Best Style Tips for Indian Men

By Kunika Agrawal • 01 July 2021
Style & Fashion
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As far as men around the world are concerned, it is stereotyped that they don’t pay ‘much attention’ to how they dress.


Be it a wedding or a date or a meeting or a get-together or be it any other occasion as compared to women, men are thought of as species who don't enjoy styling much. Indian men especially might need some tutoring for that! We can promise that you’ll be thankful to have us in your lives after reading this styling blog.


1. Shirt Secrets:


We’re here to teach you the very classy and stylish ‘BeerBiceps Sleeve Roll-up’. Hold the shirt by its cuff and pull it back up till your elbow. Now roll-up the part which is left, leaving the cuff on display.

Tip: If the inner side of the cuff has designed or is different than the shirt, it is meant to be rolled up like this.


Ranveer styling Sleeve Roll-up


Always look for styling shirts with a ‘button-down’ collar, a collar which is held firmly and tightly in its place with the help of a button. This makes sure that your shirt looks fresh, crisp, and tidy.

Tip: If your shirt doesn’t have this button, use a two-way tape and stick it on the insides of the collar.


If the shirt is curved from the side, it is meant to be left outside of your pant and not tucked in. If the shirt is straight from the side, it is meant to be tucked in.

Tip: If you tuck in a shirt, always wear a belt and match the belt with the shoes. It makes you look neat and classy.


2. Neatness:


Neatness in a shirt comes from ironing and most Indian men need to be taught ironing because let’s face it; mom isn’t going to be present every time to iron them. This is a simple guide to iron your shirts easily:


Ironing shirt to look neat


Start with the collar always. Layout the whole shirt, open the collar, iron one side of the collar, flip over and iron the other side.


Open up the cuffs, iron them from the insides first and then move to the another side (careful around the buttons!)


Layout your shirt again and iron the body of the front side in straight strokes. Next, iron the placket (the part which holds button slots)


Iron the yoke, or the upper backside of the shirt with straight strokes and then move on to the body of the backside


Ironed shirt to style it


Spread out the sleeves, iron from top to bottom (for both sleeves)


Once ironing is done, hang it out using a hanger for at least 5 minutes so that it doesn’t get crumpled up again and develop creases.

Tip: For ironing, use a good quality steam iron. Bajaj provides good steam irons.


3. Maintaining your shoes:


Maintaining your shoes


DO NOT WEAR NEW SNEAKERS OUTDOORS, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE WHITE (no this isn’t racism towards footwear). Wear them only indoors at a restaurant or a party or a date and the moment you are back home, wipe the white part well.


For loafers which are made of suede, to maintain them; buy black sprays for black loafers and plain sprays for loafers of any other color. This increases their shelf life and makes them durable.


For regular wear, prefer styling boots or flip-flops.


4. Perfect Fit:


Ranveer Allahbadia wearing fitting clothes


Perfect fit is a by-product of a lean physique, of a built body. It gives you the freedom to experiment with your clothing. Shorts start looking elegant, open footwear doesn’t look bad anymore, and you can wear loose clothing with style. Even if you don’t have a physique, it’s not a big deal. Choose clothes that are not too fit, not too loose, and you are set.


5. Attention to detail:


“Boond boond se saagar banta hai” is the Hindi saying we’d use here. Simple and small elements come together to make an excellent outfit.


Watches should be classy, elegant, stylish, and wearable at any time of the day. Watches with a dark body/strap are not wearable during the day time and vice versa and hence choose a watch with a mix of both elements.


Everyone notices little things, even the pettiest things like your cardholders and wallets. Get yourself a stylish cardholder and a presentable wallet.


Watches make the best accessories for styling


Your shoes speak for your personality and when it comes to sneakers and loafers go for something which has a tiny element of style and with a comfortable material, maybe suede. Don’t be an uncle and buy plain, normal, monotonous footwear with no style. You are not in 1950 anymore. BE FUNKY!


Hoping that you are satisfied with these set of styling tips, and if you are not, worry not, because there is always more to learn from us!


Keep reading and keep learning!

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