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5 Proven Ways to Impress A Girl

By Kunika Agrawal • 02 July 2021
Style & Fashion
  • Style & Fashion

The world says it is difficult to impress a woman and there are many people trying to decode the formula to this.


For starters, don't stress so much, you don't need to look like some prince charming to win over a girls heart, you can impress her with just your basic etiquette and a touch of chivalry.


If you are a true gentleman then your looks won't matter much to any girl. You can create opportunities by just being yourself and also with an amazing first impression. Just make sure to nail your first impression, it sets a tone for everything else to follow.


Here are some basic top 5 tips from us for you to impress any woman!


1. After You:


men etiquette


This goes right from the moment you pick her up. If you guys are out for a stroll, make sure you walk at a decent comfortable pace. Slow down if you are someone who walks fast or has a habit of walking in front. Match your pace with hers, it's a sign you consider her equal and are willing to stand by her. While entering a door or passing by a pavement, let her walk ahead and you follow her. These are very small and basic things which make a huge difference.


2. Chow Down but Slow Down:


Put your basic restaurant etiquettes to use when you are out for coffee or a dinner date. Start by holding the door for the girl and then pull out a chair. These little signs show how you are trying to put the girl before you. It's a sign of care and thoughtfulness.


table manners


While eating be careful with your table manners. It is rather annoying to sit next to a person making loud chewing noises. Don't rush while eating, take it easy, and make sure you don't talk with food in your mouth, chew your food well, finish your bite, and then continue talking. Lastly, always cover your mouth while burping.


3. Listen with genuine interest and initiate new topics to talk:




Men communicate a bit differently than women. Women tend to speak more, so guys be patient and listen, you may have things to talk about but listen to what the girl has to say first and then say your bit. Make comfortable eye contact while talking and don't keep interrupting her. Indulge in a healthy and fun conversation, ask about her interests and passions. Always remember, communication is key, this holds true for all the stages of a relationship.


4. Use the 'magic words' generously:


Don't be too late to show your manners as they are the deciding factor for any woman.


magic words


Even if you have heard the phrase "No sorry, No thank you", it is necessary for you to use these golden words as it makes you look polite and emphatic. You should use the basic 'Thank You, Sorry, Please'. If you follow these rules of etiquette, it will make the girl feel more comfortable around you. Women love an empathetic and kind man. Keep in mind that these basics must be practiced with everyone, at all times and not just when the girl is around.


5. Be a nice person:


always be nice


Just be a nice warm person, put up a nice smile on your face which radiates positivity and makes the people around happy. The more optimistic you are the more reliable you are considered. So anytime a girl has an inconvenience she'll happily reach out to you knowing your perspective is optimistic.

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