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Sneaker Secrets All Guys Should Know

By Kunika Agrawal • 02 July 2021
Style & Fashion
  • Style & Fashion

Sneakers are more than just good looks and impression.


Firstly learn to differentiate between sports/gym shoes and sneakers. Secondly, American culture sneakers are too expensive and overrated. In other countries, sneakers are more elegant, stylish, and budget-friendly. Want to know what exactly we are talking about? Keep reading,


What are sneakers?




In the USA, they are shoes that double up as sports shoes and basketball shoes, and everyday wear shoes. Skate shoes are also known as sneakers in the USA. Currently trending are athleisure shoes, a mix between gym shoe design and formal color shoes.


Different cuts:


Sneaker cuts


Low top sneakers end near your ankle and high top sneakers end just above your ankle. High top shoes in the USA are too bulky, flashy and attention-grabbing, not suited for India. 


Save money:


White sneakers


In the USA it is always about big sneakers like the Air Jordans, but this is not the case in the rest of the world. No one really cares about how expensive they are. Never spend less than 1200 rupees and more than 3000 rupees on shoes. Give priority to black and white. You ask why? They are the most versatile and go with almost all outfit types. Next consider navy blue, grey, and brown.


Shoe care:


Once you are back home, clean out the white parts of your footwear. Avoid wearing white sneakers outside, they’ll get dirty. Never wear your sneakers or loafers without socks.


Sneaker themed outfits:


No flashy shoes, no designer shoes. Keep it simple. If you’re wearing sneakers, make sure your outfit is on the casual side. Black and white sneakers go well with everything but colored sneakers need to be paired correctly. 


Outfit suggestions: 


T-shirt + jeans/chinos

T-shirt + shorts

Shirts + shorts (highly recommended)

Jacket + plain t-shirt + jeans (golden look)


This is all from our end on the 'sneakers gyaan' hoping that you took away all the important cues. Also, stay tuned for more such tips and tricks, please?

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