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Winter Clothing Hacks for Indian Men

By Kunika Agrawal • 01 July 2021
Style & Fashion
  • Style & Fashion

Can you hear the Starks say ‘Winter is coming’?


Since winter is not that far away from us now, leave it up to us to give you 12 quintessential winter clothing hacks that will keep you warm and cool at the same time. 


1. Sober colors:


Give priority to sober and elegant colors like black, brown, blue, navy blue, grey, or olive green. Winter clothing is usually on the more expensive end so you should rather buy colors that are more versatile and would go with anything.


sober colors


2. Correct fit:


One of the biggest fashion mistakes that Indian men do on hearing winter clothing is buy overly bulky clothes or clothes that don’t fit them at all. Bulky clothing is for extreme weather which most parts of the country, fortunately, don’t see (yet). Bulky clothing makes your body look shapeless and it is more difficult to pull off. Go for thinner jackets. If they don’t fit the purpose, try layering your clothes. Most Indian brands don’t have a variety of sizes, so buy a jacket whose sleeves end right at the wrist. If this jacket ends up being a little tight when you zip it up, it is still alright.


correct fit


3. Evergreen black jacket:


Since winter clothing is expensive, buying too many jackets is never a good idea. If you had to pick one jacket with all the money constraint, you should go for a smart evergreen black jacket. It is the most versatile piece of clothing that you could possibly have. You can pair a black jacket with a colored T-shirt, a plain T-shirt or even a shirt. You could buy a leather jacket, a synthetic one that looks rich, or even a biker’s jacket with fancy collars if you feel adventurous.


black jacket


4. Denim:


Cotton is for summers, denim is for winters. Own a pair of black and blue jeans because they practically go with everything- be it hoodies or jackets or anything else in the book. If you are going for a formal look, do not wear jeans, go for chinos, formal pants or woollen pants. If these can’t keep you warm, wear thermal clothing inside.


5. Footwear:


Jackets give a semi-formal vibe so you need to match that vibe with your footwear. Go for brown leather shoes which look amazing when paired with denim. Black leather shoes can be worn for more formal situations. Brogues are a fantastic option for any occasion and they match any outfit. Casual shoes like white sneakers will only go with casual hoodies or jackets.


winter footwear


6. Jackets:


Ranveer predicts that bomber jackets will be in trend for the next couple of years at least. They look like the jackets worn by the US fighter pilots. They have a trim around the base, neck and wrist. Go for versatile black or navy blue jackets because these look evergreen and will never go out of trend. Do not buy a jacket which is too jazzy and glossy but if you want to add some personality to it and if you think you can pull it off then you can buy a jacket with a little design in it. Let the design not be too intricate.


7. Layering:


When you are layering more clothes over your T-shirt, let the t-shirt not be too colorful. Only black and white t-shirts are the best and they go with everything. You can wear them in summer too. At best you can go for a grey T-shirt. You can pair these up with hoodies, jackets, or even shirts.




8. Formal winter look:


When you are wearing a shirt, layer it with a black or white T-shirt inside. When you enter a house, ask where the jacket stand is and hang your jacket on the hook. If they don’t have a jacket stand, you can place it on the chair you would be sitting on when you are having dinner. Go for a more formal looking plain black jacket and tuck your shirt in.


Few ground rules for sweaters are:

  • simple colors

  • minimalistic patterns

  • one base color and one secondary color for the minimalistic pattern

formal winter outfit


The problems with woollen clothing are:

  • cannot hang, only fold them

  • do not wash, only dry clean; ideally twice, once in the beginning and once at the end of winter

  • store it with mothballs

  • do not keep it in a cramped space, give it room to breathe

  • if there is a stain, use some water and club soda to remove it

9. Sweaters and woollen clothing:


So in general, woollen clothing is difficult to take care of, but it looks stylish and elegant if you find the right kind.


10. Hoodies:


Hoodies, in general, look more boyish and is meant for teenagers, but you can pair them up with a white or black t-shirt. A more classy look would be pairing it up with jackets. Buy only sober color hoodies and make sure they can be zipped open or close from the middle.




11. Accessories:


Most of India doesn’t see extreme cold but if you need to wear accessories, do not wear monkey caps. Wear a sober colored skull cap instead which looks really classy.


Scarves do make you look shorter, so even if they look elegant, only wear them if you think you can pull them off.


12. Watches and belts:


Brown watches and brown belts give a warm vibe that matches the atmosphere of winter and your outfit would give warmth to others too. If you don’t have brown belts and watches, go for black belts and watches instead. Just make sure that the color of your shoes matches the color of your belt.


Do not forget that fashion should not compromise your comfort and well-being. With confidence and faith in self, you can pull anything off with a smile!

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