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Winter Birthday Outfits for Men 2021

By Kunika Agrawal • 02 July 2021
Style & Fashion
  • Style & Fashion

All the Sagittarius men in the house, make some noise! It’s your birthday month which means it's time for celebrations!


Let’s see if your checklist is all done. Music, check! Food, check! Outfit? Are you going to wear the same old t-shirt and jeans? Why not give some new looks a try? We know that you are concerned more about other things at your party *wink-wink* But looking your best on your special day is quite important. Most importantly, the cold weather wouldn’t approve of your t-shirt and jogger combo. So, now you don’t have any excuses to dress up and put your best stylish self forward!


To help you out we have curated some stylish and dapper looking outfits that will put you in the celebration mood ASAP!


The Boy Next Door:


the guy next door


If you don’t want to ditch your regular basic long sleeves t-shirt then this combo will suit you just right. Simply grab any of your favorite shirts, preferably a striped one and layer it with a long sleeves t-shirt. Fold the sleeves of your shirt right at the hem of your t-shirt. For bottoms, opt for blue or black jeans or even chinos. And lastly, for accessories wear your trusty old leather belt watch and sneakers or leather tie-up shoes. This look promises to make you look simple yet stylish at the same time. It will definitely make you look like the ‘good guy’ every woman dreams about! 


The Artsy Guy:


The artsy guy


If you are up for experimenting with your style - prints and patterns are the best things to style around. Start with a basic plain black or white t-shirt, a woollen one would be preferable considering the cold weather. But you can also opt for a cotton plain t-shirt. Now layer it with a printed bomber jacket. For bottoms, you can opt for multiple options like jeans, or printed/colored pants. Another outfit that would match your vibe is printed shirts. Wear dramatic prints and layer them with a plain blazer. One thing that you need to keep in mind while putting this outfit together is the color scheme. If you go overboard then you might end up looking like a disaster. So, experiment with the right colors and patterns.


The Mafia Guy:


The mafia guy


Winters and leather jackets are like - Karan and Arjun, they are meant to be together. To style your leather jacket, start with a plain turtleneck or a t-shirt, depending on your cold tolerance level. Then, layer it with your leather jacket. To ace the look, opt for black, blue or brown tones. For bottoms, wear ripped jeans and for shoes wear sneakers. You can even give this outfit an edgy look by wearing silver chunky rings and a chunky chain. 


The Dapper Guy:


The dapper guy


You just can’t go wrong with blazers, right? A blazer is a statement in itself as it helps in elevating your outfit in just a few minutes. There are no guesses as to why it is every gentlemen’s favorite piece of clothing. If you already have a well-fitted blazer, you can easily use it as a base for your birthday look. To ace the dapper guy look, you will be needing a basic t-shirt, a crisp blazer and well-fitted trousers. Start with a light colored t-shirt and layer it with a dark-toned blazer. For bottoms, you have two options, keep it casual with jeans or classy with trousers. Coming to accessories, wear loafers or sneakers and a watch. 


The Laid-Back Guy:



If you don’t want to take a lot of effort in dressing up then this look will be your best bet! Start with a plain or even printed t-shirt or shirt. Layer it with a denim jacket - go black or white and wear the same colored pants as your jacket. If you keep up with the trends and own a shacket, there is no better time than your birthday party to sport a shacket (Shirt+Jacket). For shoes, opt for cool sneakers and there you have it. A super casual and simple look that can be pulled off in just a few minutes. 


So, which look will you wear for your birthday? We know for a fact that whatever you wear, your charm and confidence will take things a notch higher!

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