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Vegetarian Food for Weight Loss

By Kunika Agrawal • 21 July 2021
Fitness and Nutrition
  • Fitness and Nutrition

Are you a vegetarian and want to lose weight?


Here are the top 5 Indian vegetarian foods to help you lose weight and build a lean muscle mass. These foods are easily available in any Indian grocery store. 


2 golden rules: 


Before we get to the list we need you to remember two golden rules,


First is to cut off the sugar from your diet.

The second is to increase your protein intake to build a lean muscle mass.


This will increase your metabolism and hence help in losing fat rapidly. Being a vegetarian your weight loss journey boils down to your food choices. The better food decisions you make the faster you lose weight. 


List of top 5 Vegetarian weight-loss food:


1. Paneer:




Paneer is the best source of vegetarian protein and helps you gain lean muscle mass. The kind of milk that is used to make paneer decides its nutritional content. It is a general belief that paneer is high in fats which is not completely true. If high-fat milk i.e. whole milk is used to make paneer, it will contain 23g of fat and 23g of protein per 100g of protein. Whereas if skimmed milk is used it will have 24g of protein and only 1g of fat. 


2. Soya Products:


Soya Products


The second most rich source of protein for vegetarians is soya products. It includes soya chunks, tofu, soya milk, etc. 100g of soybeans contains 36g of protein and only 20g total fats. It is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and calcium. 


A lot of myths are associated with soya products stating that they cause hormonal imbalance which is completely untrue. 


3. Gluten rich food: 


There are a lot of scary notions associated with gluten. You must be wondering why are we asking you to eat gluten-rich food when the entire world is supposedly switching to gluten-free food?! This is because gluten is a rich source of protein and is not all that scary as it’s made to believe. The fact is that gluten will only affect you in a negative way if you have Celiac Disease and only 1% of the world population suffers from this disease and when we consider India that percentage decreases further. 


Gluten is present in high amounts in wheat and provides 75-85% of the total protein in wheat products such as rotis and bread. One roti has around 20g of carbohydrates and 4g of proteins which isn’t bad when considering the vegetarian source of protein. 


4. Mixed daal/pulses: 




Mixed is the keyword here. Our body requires 9 essential amino acids for proper growth and functioning. Plant protein generally doesn’t have all the amino acids in them. These amino acids are present in different proportions in all the pulses. Mixing all the pulses to get the essential amino acids is the way to go.  


5. Smart buys: 


Our last food item on the list will be products that are high in fiber and low in trans-fats and carbohydrates. There are many companies in the market that claim to be selling healthy products but in reality, these products don’t have that much nutritional content in them. So always check the nutrients column before buying any product.


This was it from our end about indian vegetarian foods for wight loss. Watch out for this space for more such content!


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