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Fitness and Nutrition

5 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

By Dhwani Shah • 22 July 2021
Fitness and Nutrition
  • Fitness and Nutrition

There are plenty of healthy food recipes that are shared online daily.


Food nourishes us, fuels us and it keeps us going. Food brings us happiness, memories, comfort and sometimes struggle. Today let’s talk about eating food instead of the constant struggle between choosing foods - this or that?


Here are the 5 ways you can eat mindfully,


Know your limit:


It surely does sound odd but it’s true. As children, we tend to eat incredibly in tune with our hunger and fullness. Over time, we have lost that ability to be in tune with our body because of habits we have formed, like finishing our plates or because of chaotic thoughts in our mind while eating.

Make peace with food:


Getting rid of feelings like guilt, fear and shame while eating food, especially when those foods are viewed as unhealthy. When we restrict ourselves from certain foods, it makes us mentally more preoccupied with that particular food. So, it's better to permit yourself to eat what you want as long as you’re staying in tune with your body.


Engaging your senses:


While having food we need to focus on the texture of the food, the colours, the aroma, the sound it makes while chewing or breaking and identifying the flavours that we can taste.


Eat with appetite, not hunger:


When we are extremely hungry we start feeling dizzy, irritated and angry so our priority would be filling the void instead of enjoying our meal. This might lead us to pick up foods that are oily, sweet and indulgent.


Cultivate a mindful kitchen:


Another way we eat mindlessly is while wandering through the cabinets and eating at random times and places. Though snacking isn’t such a bad thing and instead can help lift our mood, somethings that might help are -


  • Eating in bowls and plates instead of just snacking directly through packets.
  • Sitting on a table instead of eating on your couch or bed.
  • Eating at consistent times throughout the day.
  • Eating in silence and appreciating your food.
  • Shop more for healthy snackable options.
  • Organize your kitchen in a way where healthy foods are directly in your sight so you can reach for it more often.


It is important to have a balance between weight concerning health conditions, but it’s more important to have a healthy relationship with the food. In the long run, these tips will help us have optimal weight and we’ll see it as a positive side effect instead of it being our primary focus.

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